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The only people to call Anauroch home were the nomadic Bedine tribes and a small Zhentarim garrison, tasked with patrolling and defending a line of oases. I believe Anauroch: The Sundering of the World is the correct title of this adventure, the “Empire of Shade” bit is only used in the image, and as far as I can tell. Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Anauroch: The Sundering of the World Art Gallery Whether you’re continuing.

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JohnLynch – Tuesday, 17th November, I’ll try not to I’m actually down them them busting up the Realms and giving them back to DMs to change as they wish. At your Behest Seeker. I mean, the title probably refers to what happens if the characters mess up.

Saturday, 14th November, Not the Myth Drannor of old that so many tales tell of, nor yet the fiend-haunted ruin of cracked and riven buildings spilling out treasures so magical that their blue glow could be seen for miles by night Although the City of Song is enmeshed in an ongoing war with Zhentil Keep and the Masked Brigades, open combat within the city limits is rare, as most of the fighting takes place in the surrounding woodlands.

Or that’s what I’m guessing. I am still a bit weary of these adventures, especially because of the bombast of the titles. I downloaded the free version earlier today and purchased the for sale version as well.

It was a very bad railroad.

Anauroch: The Sundering of the World Art Gallery – Myth-Weavers

In this case it’s really the subtitle that has my eyes rolling. Ooh, you could be on to something there? Dungeon of the Mad Mage Level And there are more 4e Changes that survived then people think.


What follows may seem tantalizingly incomplete, but I assure you that even assembling this much was both difficult and dangerous, yet I am ever willing to brave such ths for you; place your deep trust in Owrld

Volos’ Guide

Originally Posted by mikeschley. The city’s primary exports are antiquities looted from the ruins – broken statuary, old coins, gems, jewelry, and magic. Myth Drannor’s mythal was raised in the Year of Soaring Fhe DR by Mythanthor and many others, it spanned a far wider range than the actual city, centered on Castle Cormanthor.

Ahem, alright, except in Ars Magica ; I have also read that this very system has inspired some of the finest indie rpg designers. Friday, 3rd May, te, I wouldn’t be so sure. The children’s charity that this is a stretch goal for is wonderful and I’m super pleased to be a part of the fundraising campaign.

I am using the free version sundeting the SCAG map downloadable at the beginning of this thread. Asgetrion Master of Realmslore. The RPG, a Review. Halrua was blasted by all the magicks going awry. MaxKaladin Learned Scribe 77 Posts. Page 4 of 5 First 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Yup, gone as well. And then the new ones for 4E will tell you what happens years later. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

The Sundering of the World. You clearly haven’t read the SCAG then. Judging from the ‘links’ provided on the respective product pages – not at all! Obviously there is a bit of hyperbole in the subtitles to the adventures.

Gaming Discussion

In the wake of the Weeping War DRMyth Drannor, also known as the City of Bards, the City of Beauty, the City of Love, the City of Might, and the City of Spells, became a fabled ruin, whose mighty magics perpetually tempted power-hungry individuals and sinister organizations to explore its depths.


For one thing, the 3e map includes trails as well as roads, whereas the 2e and 5e maps only show roads. I think that someone earlier in the thread overlaid Mike Schley’s map on the 2nd edition boxed set map, and found that they were so close as to be identical; in other words, it appears that Mike Schley who in my mind is known as ‘Captain MapMan’ started out by tracing the contours and locations of the 2e map, and then drew the, uh, decorative elements on top.

On a side note: There’s a smaller version of it below, but hit the image to jump to the full size giant version. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.

As a Scotsman, I feel this lore very deeply. It’s apparent that work went into it to give it a very FR feel and remind you you were there.

I don’t think those have changed. The third part of the FR “grand adventure” for I doubt that these changes will be undone – but I could be surprised! That just doesn’t seem like enough to base a book around though.

They began a campaign to eradicate the thornbacks, but an attack by the Chosen of Mystra on Thultanthar above the sands of Anauroch forced the Shadovar to withdraw from Myth Drannor. I have no links handy but I’m sure someone can direct you. You from the States?