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The Dahomey Amazons or Mino, which means “our mothers,” were a Fon all- female military .. Amazons of Black Sparta: The Women Warriors of Dahomey ( 1st ed.). New York, U.S.: New York University Press. ISBN Clodfelter. One of Dahomeys’ women warriors, with a musket, club, dagger—and her .. Amazons of Black Sparta: The Women Warriors of Dahomey. History is rife with tales of fighting women. More often than not, these stories prove more legend than history. Dating back to the amazons of ancient Asia Minor.

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I like to know more. Freespiritwildheart rated it it was amazing Jun 22, He lives on aomen French Riviera. The regiment had a semi-sacred status, which was intertwined with the Fon belief in Vodun.

Dahomey’s Women Warriors | History | Smithsonian

She is a former warrior, an adult explains…. Once dubbed a “small black Sparta,” residents of Dahomy shared with the Spartans an intense if and sense of collectivism. Around the same time Western visitors to Abomey noticed a sharp jump in the number of female soldiers.

From the s to s when the opposing party collapsedthey generally supported peace with Abeokuta and stronger commercial relations with England, favouring the trade in palm oil above that in slaves; this set them at odds with their male military colleagues. Subscribers receive exclusive discounts and early access to new books from Hurst. He produces a very detailed picture from a wide variety fo European and African sources.


Amazons of Black Sparta : Stanley B. Alpern :

In one scene, the Dahomean women warriors scale walls covered in thorny vines and get all bloody just for practice. Charlotte rated it liked it Feb 05, Feb 12, Alexandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Below is the list of vendors that carry our titles in electronic format. But Spartan women kept in shape to breed male warriors, Dahomean Amazons to kill them. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Amazons of Dahomey.

My earlier research barely scratched the surface of what this book reveals, and offers a look inside the lives of these women through the eyes of men who had traveled through Dahomey as well as some oral traditions passed down through generations.

The descriptions of events come from Weste I read this several months ago but my lasting impression is that this was one fierce society. Please leave these two fields as-is: Their views are prejudiced as well as sexist, but one must make allowances for the time in which these men existed.

At least one bit of evidence hints that Alpern is right to date the formation of the female corps to the dajomey 18th century: Science Age of Humans.

Amazons of Black Sparta : The Women Warriors of Dahomey

The noise resounds, a spark flies. They lusted for battle, fighting with fury and valor until the kingdom’s final defeat by France in Most West African women lived lives of forced drudgery. Men regarded them as worthy, implacable foes.

By the s their numbers had grown to 6, The maneuvers begin in the face of a looming downpour, but King Glele is eager to show off the finest unit in his army to his European guest. During their membership they were not allowed to warriors children or be part of married life though they were legally married to the king. Nor were female guards unknown; in the lf century, King Mongkut of Siam the same monarch memorably portrayed in quite a different light by Yul Brynner in The King and I employed a bodyguard of women.

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Amazons of Black Sparta

Amazons of Black Sparta: By the midth century, they numbered between 1, and 6, women, about a third of the entire Dahomey army, according to reports written by visitors. Membership among the Mino was supposed to hone any aggressive character traits for the purpose of war.

This is a book of history. Wwrriors Spartan women kept in shape to breed male warriors, Dahomean amazons to kill them.

Join our mailing list. Alpern has chronicled this remarkable history in depth for the first time. Two furious assaults on the town, in andfailed dismally, partially because of Dahomean overconfidence, but mostly because Abeokuta was a formidable target—a huge town ringed with mud-brick walls and harboring a population of 50, Originally palace guards, the Amazons had evolved by the s into professional troops armed mainly with muskets, machetes and clubs.