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Alpha CD24S. G.C. No. 41 Alpha CD32C. G.C. No. 47 *HEJEID /=I. Service Listed. For use with Natural Gas only. Leave these instructions with. Listed below are all the manuals for Alpha. Just click on the model or the Gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page. After you. Alpha Bolier Cd32c Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Alpha CD 35C Boiler.

Alpha CD32C

Ensure the rubber frame is located correctly in the front panel. Burner does not stay alight. For the occasions when your boiler needs a tune-up, browse an assortment of alpha boiler manial parts and repair kits. Pump operation may need to free the pump shaft.

Check and replace PCB if necessary 5. No hot water at taps unless central heating is operating its diverter or the flow switch.

Only removed to be repaired with a system boiler and hot water cylinder. Incorrect parameter settings on PCB.


Withdraw the head, remove the wiring cove rand disconnect the wiring as described on the picture below. Compare boilers Try our boiler comparison tool. Remove all the screws should be 4 connecting the cover of the combustion chamber and put it aside 4.

Do you already have an account? Connect the wiring to the new head as follows: Burner fails after 10 secs. A few weeks later and 1 more goes down. Blocked or restricted primary flow.

Alpha Boiler

Now the rep told me that they had a bad batch of these spark gens but the problem is now sorted Listed below are some error codes that could appear on your boiler. Refill and re-pressure the system 7.

Boiler operation The boiler operating mode is controlled by the selector switch on the facia panel. Brand new unused pump. Check and correct restriction in flue 3.

Boiler Manuals: Alpha CD32C

System restrictions causing overheating. Now this Alpha engineer might be totally wrong and it may do other damage but time will tell with his last job anyway. This boiler was taken out due to suspected faulty heat exchanger. In working condition, Taken from a fully functioning Alpha CB 28 boiler but also fits other Alpha models.


To replace any parts in your Alpha Innovation boiler you will need to start from removing the outer-case panel. Pump or flow problem. Re-assemble in reverse order 7. In those cases we advice to use an additional vessel.

Also the A and B lights on the As I say training on Tuesday for me. To properly drain the boiler follow steps below.

Alpha Free Boiler Manuals

Investigate initial fault code displayed. The polarity of the wires is not important 6. Spark at ignition goes for 10 sec but no ignition.

Boiler manuals Browse over thousands of our boiler manuals we have free online. Lately during the filling allha water hammer is occurring.

Contacting Us Direct Heating Spares. Take out all the remaining clock screws and take the clock out from the control panel.