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Algas verdes. CLOROFITAS. * Acetabularia acetabulum * Caulerpa racemosa * Caulerpa peltata (Caulerpa chemnitzia) * Caulerpa webbiana * Cladophora. Se presentan las descripciones de 13 especies de algas verdes y 12 de Las especies pertenecen a los géneros de clorofitas Caulerpa, Cladophoropsis. Por primera vez se presenta una lista de las algas eucariotas fósiles y recientes conocidas de los lagos, Chlorophyta (clorofitas o algas verdes) (División).

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Agardh Eubank, have been reported; var. Most of the specimens of Cloroftas were found in the vegetative stage, whereas all the brown algal species except Dictyerpa jamaicensis and Sphacelaria rigidula possessed gametangia or sporangia.

Segments plane, kidney-shaped, sometimes grooved, 0. Laguna de Mandinga; Mpio. Translucent yellowish green, clotofitas color rapidly after exposure to light. Ectocarpus rallsiae Vickers, Pl. The Chlorophyta contains both unicellular and multicellular species.

Thallus filamentous, fine, forming clumps of 0. In older classification systems, it refers to a highly paraphyletic group of all the green algae within the green plants Viridiplantae and thus includes about 7, species [7] [8] of mostly aquatic photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. For the genus with the common name ‘spider plant’, see Chlorophytum. A century of progress in the natural sciences, Cyanidiophyceae Porphyridiophyceae Compsopogonophyceae Stylonematophyceae Rhodellophyceae Bangiophyceae Florideophyceae.


The species distribution in the Atlantic is still confused. University of California Press, p. Thallus filamentous, erect and ramified, 7 mm long. Stipes cylindrical, smooth, cm long and mm in diam. Thallus filamentous, forming small tight clumps, mm long. Attaches to the substrate by a basal disc 0.

Chlorophyta – Wikipedia

Light brown or golden brown. Mamiellophyceae “prasinophyte clade II”. The taxonomy of the Chlorophyta, 2. Others form symbiotic relationships with fungi to form lichensbut the majority of species are free-living.

Branching irregular in basal part and dichotomous in superior parts, branches cylindrical, mm in diam. There is no published information on brown and green algae from Cabezo Reef.

Algas – CANARIAS CONSERVACIÓN – Cetacean Research Society

Epiphyte on the chlorophyte Halimeda scabra. Conspectus Regni Vegetabilisp. On Cabezo Reef a total of 46 macroalgal species were identified, of which 21 The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. Attaches algs the substrate by a mass of rhizoids 1. Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, delicate, easily fragmented, cm long.

Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, formed by articulated sequences of segments, strongly calcified, forming compact mats cm in diam. LS-1 3 June Isla de Lobos, Tuxpan Reef Ortega et al.


Glaucocystophyceae Glaucocystis Cyanophora Gloeochaete. Attachment cell cm long and 0. Conferva membranacea Hofman Bang ex C. Proximal internodes mm long, median mm long and distal ones mm long. Investigaciones sobre macroalgas realizadas en el Clorlfitas Arrecifal Veracruzano. Branching alternate inferiorly and unilateral superiorly. Isla de Lobos, Tuxpan Reef f. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Thallus vesicular, dense, forming spherical clumps, 5 cm long.


Consultado o 21 de xaneiro de Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, delicate, smooth, not gelatinous, easily fragmented, clorofiras to 10 cm long. Classification of the Chlorophyta according to Fott Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, forming dense clumps, cm long. Although this structure was observed in the examined specimens, other morphological features and size correspond well to Dictyota pulchella.

Nuevas citas de macroalgas para las Islas Chafarinas.