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A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. When the protagonist of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin follows an invitation to take up residence in the secret Dream Kingdom that his school. Author: Alfred Kubin The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created.

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Apr 30, Nancy Oakes rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is truly a ‘bring your own interpretation’ adventure book, where it is entirely up to you to decide what the book’s horrible and fascinating events mean, as Kubin and God bless him for it isn’t explaining shit.

Weird #1 The Other Side (excerpt) by Alfred Kubin (1908)

Some passages of cosmic destruction reminded me of “The House on the Borderland” where the very universe quakes, crumbles and is destroyed. At first the narrator thinks that this must be a joke or that Gautsch is a madman, but before long he is convinced that the invitation is meant seriously, and adventurous as he is, he gets hooked on the idea. There was a list for strange fiction and a list for strange nonfiction.

You know how “They” always is in these suffocating scenarios. The story also becomes more grotesque and macabre, and Kubin seems to take as much joy in destroying it all as he did creating it.

Haven’t you done enough for today? Imagine yourself in another world where people commit orgies in the streets and snakes curl under your bead-shee Imagine you are on a train and you are going to a distant place that you have been to before. Now he grew boundlessly, he dug up a volcano from which still hung, snail-shaped and twisted, a granite intestine torn from the entrails of the earth.


Aug 25, Wan Nor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Damned if I know. What won me was the second kubjn which is a vivid rendition of chaos come, end-of-times. Nov 20, Talie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 28, Andy rated it really liked it. Published July 27th by Dedalus first published Kubin adds a drawing of an eyeless morbid Patera like face on the final page with the cryptic phrase: Judy Krueger 17 August at In any case certain sections of the book resonated deeply with me, but despite very well written language the situations described are so weird that I had to read many passages over and over again to get the approximation of what is going on.

Esta novela no es para todo el mundo. If Tge saw it in a dream that didn’t mean I could have stopped it from happening. I could feel how the artist would sniff like a blood hound to run away from the blood rushing in the ears that don’t pick up mutual cries. The Other Side was written inwhen, at the age of 30, he found himself unable the blurb says to draw for three straight months.

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Your comments will be deleted at once without being read. I actually have the older Penguin Classics, not the new Dedalusbut nonetheless a horror and intensity comes through that’s hard to put out of mind. The sleeping spell spreads rapidly. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Imagine yourself walking among the dead where the people seem more alive that the people you know in your real life.


I will tell you that this book disturbed me to my core, and that rarely happens. Many people die of mysterious illnesses.

oddly weird fiction: The Other Side, by Alfred Kubin — prepare to be disturbed

However, is this statement really as optimistic as it alfref Money won’t protect you. Pero esto tampoco significa que sea un mal libro ni mucho menos.

Hopefully they will reprint The Other Side soon. I think I already feel too much that bad stuff that happens is a collective will, anyway. We are all wanderers, all of us without exception. It’s definitely one of those books I will need to read again. Want to Read saving…. Realizing that we are the puppets of other forces in the universe cannot by itself rescue us from our fundamental condition of enslavement. A job is promised, interim funding provided.

Just keep watching for it. It also contains his original illustrations. From the first line, the story is haunted by a sense of the inescapable: If only more artists would use writing to express themselves, to convey their art through words, what I would give to read something wr My th rating here Apparently Kafka read it and enjoyed it.

The Dream Land was like that, to me.