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AFI 10-2501 PDF

Air Force Instruction (AFI) Emergency Management (EM) Planning and Operation, dated 24 Jan And AFMC Supplement 1. Start studying AFI AF EM Program Planning and Operations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Emergency Management; and Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Emergency. Management Program Planning and Operations.

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For ICS the course attendee must complete ICS and the prerequisites associated with that course The Installation audience for these courses is referenced in table 6. The Installation Commander will ensure that all responders have adequate EM response equipment to respond to any incident that threatens the installation.

Recovery planning and actions begin as soon as possible to ensure sustainment of crucial missions and restoration of normal operations For AFIMS, mitigation includes sfi measures.

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Demonstration-performance objectives are evaluated by unit trainers and supervisors. Officer, Civilian, or NCO 3. This chapter discusses the organization of the Air Force EM program at all levels of sfi. They may 10-251 to relinquish authority to the FBI or other authority for evidence collection or crime scene preservation, although life saving activities will always have priority over these actions.

They must provide effective PA activities near the scene of a nuclear weapon accident and speed the flow of information to the public and the internal audience. The Sfi information program makes an important contribution to preparedness by emphasizing actions that installation personnel can take on their own such as hardening, securing, dispersing and evacuation preparations Response. The EMWG will determine which specialized teams are required to support the installation EM program and what each team s composition will be.

Contractors hired prior to the effective date of this requirement must obtain this training as soon as possible to continue instructing.

A bar indicates affi revision from the previous version. The guidance in this Memorandum becomes void after one-year has elapsed from the date of this Memorandum, or upon release of the AFI revision, whichever is earlier.

Once checklists are complete and before implementation, they must be approved by the unit commander and 102-501 through the Readiness and Emergency Management Flight MAJCOMs may provide specific EM program requirements for their installations, including MAJCOM instructions for program management, exercise and administrative information.

Purpose of the Governor s strategy The Governor s initiative to develop and implement a State of Tennessee program to counter terrorism within the State is outlined in this document.

The CEMP provides checklists for shelter operations. AS Communications equipment To determine equipment needs, evaluate the installation or unit mission and threat; then purchase only the material needed to respond to that threat.


Additionally, Air Force EM education and training complies with Federal, DOD, Joint, and national consensus standards in meeting training levels, frequency, and comprehensiveness. The course provides instruction on IPE inspection, use and wear procedures and incorporates the explosive ordnance reconnaissance EOR training. All personnel must know the meanings of the alarm conditions and MOPP levels; actions to take; where and how to take cover, how to report enemy sightings, provide owner-user security and wear IPE.

Due to the nature and amount of training 10-501 This act appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, qfi, or kidnapping” Terrorist use of CBRNE materials is separated from CBRNE warfare because of the legal requirements for handling the terrorist incident as a crime scene and preserving evidence.

FEMA recommends that the course be taught by two instructors, one lead and one adjunct. Table of Contents Primary Coordinating Agency DHS leverages resources within federal, state and local governments, coordinating the transition 10-501 multiple agencies 1-02501 programs into a single, integrated ari focused on protecting the Afo people and their homeland Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA.

For example, advanced aerospace materials used in some aircraft can release composite fibers that are a known hazard to the respiratory tract, eyes and skin and can cause electrical equipment to arc and short.

The Installation Commander should ensure that existing base shelters and facility shelter plans are zfi to implement shelter in-place protection. HSPD 5 directed the Secretary of. Core functions of the EOC must include the following: In the United States, its territories, or its possessions, DOD policy requires the senior ranking military authority on 10-501, usually the Incident Commander, to confirm the presence of nuclear weapons or radioactive nuclear components in the interest of public safety or to reduce or prevent widespread public alarm.

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Emergency Responder duties have priority over other assigned duties. Major Accidents Annex B: This Instruction reissues DoD Instruction. Inherently deployable in and specifically exempted out are defined in AFIAir Force Operations Planning and Execution Ensure that all unit military personnel and emergency-essential civilians and contractors maintain and use AFMANAirman s Manual, during exercises and real world contingencies Ensure that the unit EM Representatives complete semi-annual self-inspections IAW AFI Installation and Unit Specialized Teams Specialized teams are formed from the existing installation and unit personnel resources to support emergency response operations.

Commanders must consider the impacts of a potential adversary’s CBRNE abilities in the geographic region. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.


Mobility Bag Reporting Schedule. Every accident will present unique challenges.

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Reissues and renumbers DoD Directive More information. The equivalent training is required only for equivalent positions, not contractors who fulfill only some of the duties equivalent to the military or Federal civilian counterpart. This page intentionally left blank. See Attachment 2, Emergency Support Functions for more information.

The ICC provides a communication link with higher headquarters and with civilian agencies. Safety precautions must be observed during emergency response, handling, cleanup and disposal. CBRNE Control Center personnel coordinate with medical, bioenvironmental and intelligence representatives to provide advice to the commander. A comprehensive, national approach to incident management Applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across disciplines NIMS Compliance Your jurisdiction.

Successful recovery efforts require a coordinated and integrated approach. The EOC will provide C2 for recovery operations and direct team efforts for damage assessment after an attack. The NRP was developed to establish a comprehensive, national, all-hazards approach to incident management across a spectrum of activities.

Mitigation is an ongoing process and is considered, to some degree, a part of every phase of incident management. Public authorities must be notified if the public is, or may be, in danger of radiation exposure or other danger posed by the weapon or its components.

All Federal departments and agencies and other organizations fai assigned primary or supporting. The NRP and its resultant organizational structure are used by the Air Force to integrate its incident response with civilian responses.

Department of Homeland Security Cooperating Agencies: Hazard mitigation is the cumulative set of tasks focused on a specific hazard to reduce the risks and effects associated with that hazard. This AFI defines the FSTR program as a cross-functional program that integrates procedures and standards for planning; logistical requirements; emergency response actions; exercises and evaluation; training of personnel; detection, identification and warning; notification; and enemy attack actions.

Major program elements of the Air Force EM program include warning and reporting, command and 10-22501 C2planning, equipping, organizing, training, exercising, evaluating, response operations and incident management Air Force Emergency Management EM Program Support Each Air Force unit must participate in the Air 10-501 s EM program and meet the Air Force s EM program requirements in this and other governing instructions.