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Paradise is Abdulrazak Gurnah’s great novel. At twelve, Yusuf, the protagonist of this twentieth-century odyssey, is sold by his father in repayment of a debt. Paradise [Abdulrazak Gurnah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A finalist for the Booker Prize, England’s highest honor for works of. Or perhaps paradise is the garden he has tended? This, Abdulrazak Gurnah’s fourth novel, is many-layered, violent, beautiful and strange.

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At the age of 12, Yusuf is taken away abdlurazak his home by Aziz, a rich merchant, in payment for a debt of his father’s.

PARADISE by Abdulrazak Gurnah | Kirkus Reviews

Oct 03, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: Yusuf diasuh oleh si Saudagar untuk melunasi hutang ayah Yusuf. What do you think is Gurnah’s best book? Maybe that’s the problem: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. May 1, Available in: But, personally I really liked this book; gjrnah offers a glimpse into a desperate life as a slave to the world.

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I have long wanted to read this novel, and was finally able to get a hold of it through the magic of inter-library loan. I wish that he had written more books. Print hardcoverpaperback. It took me over a month to complete this book, not because I am a particularly slow reader, but because it didn’t grasp me and thus was not overly compelled to reach the end.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Yusef seems so innocent and acted upon, but there is something at his core that he sees that no one around him does. Archived from the original on Unfortunately, the book is written in a plodding style and Yusuf is a non-entity, without personality or goals to keep the reader’s interest.


Sep 12, Babak Fakhamzadeh rated it liked it. Uncle Aziz takes him on one of his trading expeditions through what is now Tanzania and we encounter jungle, strange and wonderful people; Yusef stays wi A curious and surprising novel, which I think can be easily misunderstood, if the reviews are anyhing to go by. The uncle owns a store in a coastal city and is a trader in the days of year-long pack-animal ca A historical novel set around WWI in East Africa, modern-day Kenya and Tanzania, then the area around Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

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Not having finished it, I don’t have a complete abdulrazzk of the novel and where it’s going, thematically, but I wanted to at least share with you what I gleaned from the half that I did read.

Sepintas terlihat nasib Yusuf seperti keluar dari mulut Harimau masuk ke mulut Buaya.

For centuries Arabs and Omanis have traded up and down the Indian Ocean coast and into the interior of sub-Saharan Africa. This makes it a more complex and interesting book than the fairly simple story would suggest. A novel which begins as a beautifully realized coming-of-age story develops into a story of high adventure, social and political realism, and eventually love.

A book that offers a glimpse into a desperate life as a hostage and slave to the world: Namun Yusuf merasa terdesak dengan hutang budi ketika Sang Saudagar, baginya ,pemberian maaf itu berselubung dengan penghambaan seumur hidup, di simbolkan penulis dengan anjing yang memakan kotoran majikannya. His journeys in Paradise mirror two processes which bound the interiors of Eastern Africa to the Western Indian Ocean–one a process of the migration often via slavery and subsequent Islamization of upcountry Africans, and the other a venturing into the interior as far as Eastern Congo by armed bands of Swahili-Arab traders.

Don’t you know that? Cities are growing, populations are moving, merchants are trading and selling, and colonialists from many countries are vying for influence.


Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah

Please provide an email address. It follows the coming of age of Yusuf, who is sold as a sort of slave or indentured servant to the rich merchant Aziz in order to pay off his father’s debts. It is powerful because it is not fully explained. It’s technically, or paradsie, an easy story to read, but my mind constantly wandered and the way the story’s written, I abdklrazak it very hard to visualise as I read, making it even harder for me to concentrate and focus on the story.

Tapi itulah “paradise” baginya dan bukan taman indah bagai surga milik saudagar yang selama ini mengikatnya. Syukurlah bagian akhir buku ini mengobati kebosananku dari kedataran ceritanya.

A story that examines the African swahili culture from its social aspects by presenting the different ethnic races that make it and their day to day struggle. Yusuf dalam pilihan tetap seperti “anjing” atau masuk menjadi pasukan perang orang Eropa yang sangat asing baginya. That is the meaning of honour. Just as Yusuf must come of age, so also must the country as the various groups contending for influence make choices about how much they will accept, reject, or adapt to outside influences.

Things happen to him, rather than because of him. Yusuf starts out in a provincial town in the East African interior, the son of a poor hotel owner.

Those stories stay with us for a long time, and the magic of the prose lingers on in our heads – as do the images. Writing in The IndependentAnita Mason described the novel as ‘many-layered, violent, beautiful and strange’.