Why my next Tablet will run Windows 8 (Good. Stop writing about the iPad)

We are going to see a lot of these kinds of articles in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to read them with an open mind and attempt to understand what the writer is trying to get at.

Just don’t start with this article from Tech.pinions.

Android and iOS tablets do a yeoman’s job when it comes to consuming content, but lack the software tools and hardware features needed to create content.

Garageband, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Keynote…Those are all from Apple. There are hundreds of others from dozens of other vendors – all very capable of creating content in all kinds of ways.

He doubles down with:

“Content Creation” as I use the term applies to a broad range of activities that includes tasks as varied as a student taking notes, a worker recording and distributing meeting notes, a club secretary assembling and distributing newsletters, a teenager spiffing up the audio from a band performance, a webmaster updating a website, and a mother preparing her annual Christmas letter.

Ah! That’s how he defines it. OK. Fair enough. HE’S STILL COLOSSALLY WRONG.

It’s OK to critique the iPad for any number of reasons. But try not to do it in ways that make you look, at the very least, uninformed and at the worse, setting up a straw man argument to make your premise look better.

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