Bow hunting’s Beards and spurs club.

After reading an article about Bow hunter’s Beards and Spurs club, I pick up the phone and called Steve Grace the founder of BBSC. Steve started the BBSC because Pope and Young Club does not have a wild turkey class.     Steve feels that turkeys are an animal that should have the same prestige as any other big game animal.     That is why he stated the BBSC

Steve has been hunting turkey for since 1982 with a bow and he has killed 167 birds to this date.     He wants bow hunters to have there own class like they have for other big game animals. As he say’s on his web page most of the time local turkeys hunting originations are dominated by gun hunters. He feels that there is a need for a bow hunting turkey origination.

Steve is a hunter that understands the problems that are common hunting with a bow.     He has taken his knowledge about hunting to come up with a scoring system that is fair and easy for everyone. This system is very simple and is similar to the way deer are scored.     The weight of the bird doesn’t count.     The score is a combination of the length of the beard and spurs. He also has a different class for each subspecies and Hybrids of turkeys.

The way the system works is the length of the beard is multiplied by 5 and the length of the spur is multiplied by 40. The reason that this is system is so well thought out is that turkey’s spurs keep growing though out there life. With this system, the age of the turkey will increase the score the bird gets. A two year old bird will score 110 a four year bird will score 140.

BBSC also keep records of where the hot spots are. As a member you can see when the most recorder birds are killed.     The BBSC also has hunter of the year and have contest for the top video and scoring turkeys in each category.

If you are a bow hunter for turkey and want to know how your turkeys compare to other turkey this is a good place to start. The cost is $30.00 a year and $10.00 for submitting your score.     About the same as Pope and Young club charges.     Check out there web page

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