The Experience of Searching the Web for a Photo Camera

I’ve been visiting for the past few days a corner of the Web that I never visited before, that is the photo camera reviews searches. What I’m finding here is a battle for the first page of Google that, in my thinking, could only be beneficial for the reader, or the information seeker. However, after spending some interesting time in these quarters, I reached an interesting conclusion: these reviews aren’t 100% accurate.

Let’s consider the new Canon G1X Mark II that yours truly found a keen interest in, and let’s take the Google results all the way from to the lesser That’s four pages of reviews of the same photo camera. Do you think these reviews are slanted, biased, or objective? I would say that, on a scale of 1 to ten, they are at least one point more than they should be on the pink side. Since all these sites want you to click through through their affiliate links, they have all the interest in the world to put a camera in as good a light as possible.

Often times however, the little guys’ reviews are a great resource that gives you the little hints and pointers that you need, since they are not that much involved in the commercial politics that large sites get themselves engulfed in. What gives then? Take it all with the due grain of salt!

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