And Now, for Something Completely Different…

I’m pretty good at guessing ahead of time what Hollywood movies will be “successes” or not. This year has some typically huge blockbusters – which ones do you think will be studs vs which ones will be duds? Here’s my picks:

“Avengers” – Bigger than huge.

“The Dark Knight Rises” – Huge.

“Prometheus” – Big but not as big as the above.

“Spider-Man” – dud.

“GI Joe II” – Complete dud.

“Men in Black 3″ – moderate success

“Total Recall 2″ – dud.

“Bourne Legacy” – Moderate success but lower than MIB.

What are some of the Summer 2012 Blockbusters are you looking forward to – or dreading being dragged out to see?

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