“iPad’s display is a challenge for manufacturers” Really? Got proof?

CNET (yeah…you know it’s going to be bad) writes that the “iPad’s display is cutting edge–and a challenge for manufacturers” - oh really? According to who,  Crothers?

“according to a display analyst.”

“three manufacturers that are pretty good at making displays and they’re having difficulty supplying it,” said Richard Shim, an NPD DisplaySearch analyst.”

“We know that LG is having some problems” but should begin volume production soon, Shim said.”

“LG’s problems are not as severe as Sharp’s,” Shim said. “We hear [Sharp] may switch back to amorphous silicon.”

None of the above is proof. None of the above contains any facts. But all of the above puts the manufacturers of Apple’s new Retina Displays for the iPad, in a negative light.

Crothers writes, “only time will tell if there is a supply crunch for the new iPad.” And I’m sure you’ll attribute any supply crunch to display issues and not simply demand.

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