Cause that’s the ONLY possible reason…

Did ZDNet ever write well?

I ask that as a serious question because, over the past few years, it seems their columnists just write whatever drivel pops into their heads with absolutely no thought, logic or common sense associated. Is there no one who reads their dreck and calls bullshit on what they post?

The latest is from David Morgenstern in “Backroom only for Thunderbolt cables”, he talks about how difficult it is to find cabling for his Thunderbolt-capable devices. Perfectly fine topic of conversation although I don’t know of how much real value the article provides. It boils down to “It’s hard to find new technology and it’s expensive”. No shit, Sherlock.

He ends his (mostly useless) article with a story of going to an Apple Store to buy a Thunderbolt cable. He can’t find any on the shelves so he asks staff to assist:

He said they were likely in “the back.” Another round of internal discussions ensued until the shrink-wrapped cable was finally brought out. $49. Could it be that these easy-to-shoplift cables are so valuable (or rare) that they must be left in the back room? Or is it that there are few sales of the cables and they don’t warrant a spot on the shelves? Could be both reasons.

REALLY? That’s the best you could come up with? If you had the common sense God gave rocks, you could have looked around the STORE YOU WERE IN to see if anything with a greater value than the $49 cable you were buying was on the shelves. Because….you know…that would be a data point for your idiotic shoplifting theory….

But you didn’t. Instead, you wrote your little screed and showed the world that, once again, common sense and logic are slowly dying…

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