“Could” it have happened or *did* it happen?

One of the beauties of the internet is fact checking. It’s made even easier when the people you are fact checking don’t bother to check their own facts.

Alex Heath of Cult of Mac posts this today:

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell recently addressed the rumor that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited his company last week. Newell flat out denied the rumor, originally published by AppleInsider, that Tim Cook visited Valve HQ.Cult of Mac originally added to the rumor by saying that Apple could have been meeting with Valve because Apple is working on its own type of gaming console for the living room, and was potentially looking for partnering with Valve.

All true – except where it’s not.

In a story written by….huh….look at that….Alex Heath…he says:

We’ve gotten word that Cook was indeed at Valve yesterday…

Here’s an idea, Heath. When you are demonstrably proven wrong, apologize for your mistake and make amends. Don’t make it worse by writing another story basically making the same claims as the first one.

Oh wait…you quote your sources in both stories. So you’re doubling down on The Stupid.

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